The cognitive approach

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The cognitive approach
The cognitive approach argues that internal mental processes can, and should, be studied scientifically. It has investigated areas of human behaviour such as memory, perception and thinking. These processes are 'private' and cannot be observed, so psychologists study them indirectly by making inferences about what is going on inside the mind on the basis of behaviour.

Theoretical models: one way to study internal processes is through the use of theoretical models. One important theoretical model is the information processing approach, which suggests that information flows through the cognitive system in a sequence of stages that include input, storage and retrieval, as in the multistore model of memory.
Computer models: computer models are also used, where the mind is compared to a computer (the computer analogy) by suggesting that there are similarities in the way information is processed. These modes use the concepts of a central processing unit (the brain), the concept of coding (to turn information into a useable…


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