The Influence of Culture on Romantic Relationships


Western and Non-Western Relationships

  • Voluntary or Non-Voluntary Relationships
  • In Western Cultures, we live in predominantly urban settings with easy geographical and social mobility.
  • We voluntarily interact with a large number of people.
  • High degree of choice in potential relationships and a greater pool. 
  • Non western cultures have fewer urban centres and do not make many interactions daily
  • Individual or Group-Based Relationships
  • Western cultures okace great importance on rights and freedom of someone, putting their happiness first. 
  • These cultures are individualist.
  • Non western cultures focus on the group collectivist. 
  • Collectivism choice is more to do with the family or the group.
  • The Importance of Love in Romantic Relationships
  • In western cultures we may expect to find differences regarding the importance of love in romantic relationships.
  • In a survey; us people said they would not marry someone who they did not love but it was different in collectivist cultures. Prepared to marry in the absence of love. 
  • Cultural Differences in Loneliness
  • Cultures promoting a stron desire for romantic relationships can influence feelings of romantic loneliness in


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