The Prelude/ My Last Duchess Revison


My Last Duchess

By Robert Browning


Browning many have taken inspiration for this poem from the Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara which is a region in Italy. In 1561, the duke’s wife was poisoned suspiciously.

During the 19th century, there was a patriarchal society where men were more superior to women.There was a gender inequality favouring males.

As a wife, a woman was expected to be submissive and obey her husband.

Dowry marriages were alliances between families based on material gain( money) and status. Women were perceived as commodities and were often silenced.


“My Last Duchess” is a dramatic monologue where there is only one person speaking perhaps suggesting that in some way the Duke is able to twist and control the narrative, like he did with his wife by killing her.

Main Messages:

Browning presents the Duke as powerful as he has total control over who views his dead wife’s painting suggesting that men are more powerful as the Duke has completely taken possession of his wife




This is revision for paper 2 power and conflict AQA