The Application of Scientific Method in Psychology

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- a means of finding out about our world, i.e. gaining knowledge.

Scientists use the scientific method, the key features are:

  • Empiricism - information is gained through direct observation or experiment rather tan by a reasoned argument or unfounded beliefs. E.g. McDo's burgers.
  • Objectivity - scientists strive to be objective in their observations and measurements, i.e. their expectations should not affect what they record.
  • Replicability - repeating the observation to demonstrate validity.
  • Control - in order to determine causal relationships, we must use the experimental method, i.e. IV and DV. All other condition must be 'controlled'.
  • Theory Construction - using facts to construct theories. A theory is a collection of general principles that explain observations and facts.


The Scientific Process

Inductive Model: Observations --> Hypothesis Developed --> Hypothesis Tested --> Data used to construct Theory.

Deductive Model: Observations --> Propose Theory --> Hypothesis Developed --> Hypothesis Tested --> Draw Conclusions.


Is Psychology a Science?

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