the position of black emericans in 1945


at the start of the 2nd world war 1.2 million black men joined the united states.

blacks in military where trained in rural military camps in the south. black soldiers had different canteens, transport as whites. many blacks where denied the right to fight and were employed as cooks or cleaners. black soldiers where often given worse equipment and sent to the most dangerouse areas of the battlefield. some threatened to riot because of this treatment.however in europe there was no formal segregation and citizens treated them as heroes.

president roosevelt argued that america was fighting for the 4 freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religeon, freedom of want and freedom from fear. the implication was that these 4 basic freedoms applied equally to all american citizens. black americans where struck at the contradiction and used the double v sign for victory overseas and victory at home.

the usa was also fighting racist opponents so when presented with the proof of how racism could get out of hand many people where convinced that racism should be opposed at all cost.

the black participation in the war changed many opinions of white americans. additionally the war boosted the self esteem of black campaigners. woodrow crockett was an american airman he flew 149 missions and not a single plane in his squadron was shot down. black americans came back determined to make a


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