The purpose of life in religion.

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In christianity, we were originally created inherently good, but became inherently bad, as a result of this the purpose of life in christianity, is to achieve salvation and redeem our sinful nature. 

This doctrine began in the early church, with the apostle paul and was later developed by saint augustine. 

Romans 5:19 "Far as by one mans sin, many became sinners"

This eludes to the event of adam and eve who ate from the forbidden tree.

However, we are able to redeem ourselves, but there are different views as to how. 

Saint augustine says we can attempt to save ourselves in the work of divine grace, but ultimately there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. 

Augustine claims our creator owes us nothing, so even pious devotion does not make him obliged to save us. 

Augustine said mankind has freewill and live as he chooses, but ultimately its only gods grace that can save us. In his words "His grace removes the ******* of sin"

But, pelagus objected to this doctrine, and claims it was product…


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