The Roaring 20s: Prohibition



America 1920: The 18th Amendment has just been passed prohibiting & illegalising the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. But why? here are the main reasons that prohibition was introduced in the first place:

  • Moral: many people felt it was inappropriate and wrong for Americans to enjoy alcohol while their troops were at war.
  • National feeling- This means that when America entered the war many people were against alcohol-especially with the fact that many breweries were of German origin and America was at war with Germany!- and many organisations such as The Anti-Saloon League believed it was 'damaging American society'.
  • Religious- The consumption of alcohol for enjoyment was against God's will (apart from ceremonial wine....)
  • Saving resources: the production of alcohol uses important grains (eg. Barely) and thus a ban would boost supplies for trade and consumption.

BUT overall historians see prohibition as a failure, here are the over-riding failures:

  • The size of America's coastline made it almost impossible the prohibition agents to stop bootleggingers smuggling- especially coupled with the limited number of…


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A good set of revision notes dealing with the key issues of why prohibition was introducted and whether it was a success or failure. Create your own quiz or set of flash cards from this inofmration and get others to test you. Make sure you feel confident you can answer questions on both of these issues.