Theories of mass media 2M

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Functionalist theory of Mass Media

- Mass media is ana agency of socialistaion and helps to integrate people by communicating the common values, norms and aspirations of society.

- The mass media was seen as too simplistic.

- See individuals as essentially passive recipients of socialisation.

- Relationship between audiences and mass media is more complex.

- Changing nature of society made the functionalist view seem outdated.

Pluralist theory of Mass Media 

- Mass Media reflect common values to some extent. 

- Argue that as society has become more diverse, the media has chnaged to reflect these developments and these differences.

- Blondel 1969 = no single group in society has the monopoly on power and control.

- Mass media is diverse and no single group controls it. E.g. we have free media, anyone can set up a newspaper in a free society.

- Old media like radio had phone-ins, new media like twitter allow the audience to comment straight away. Increasing interactivity = audience influences the media and not the other way round.

- Media can be local, national or international.

Postmodernist theory of Mass Media 

- Media offer a wide range of identities and lifestyles from which we can pick and choose. 

People are increasingly constructing their own identities from images and lifestyles presented by the media.

- The audience is a diverse group who use the media in differnet ways. 

- We live in a media


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