Tide Print Advert

  • The Tide print advert uses a variety of non verbal codes to construct an aspirational product for 1950s consumers (predominantly women). An example of this can be observed through the use of the close up shot of the woman where she is een hugging and adoring the product, indicating that the product is desirable. This has been clearly demonstrated as it is the central image of the poster, as it easily seeks audiences attention. The image overlaps importance as there is information surrounding the product to encourage sales. The main image of her hugging the bix is trying to convey that women love the product and that all women should use it, hence the text saying 'Tides got what women want'. Her facial expressions/gestures connote her passion, love and desire towards the product as it would fulfil the needs of a typical housewife. Whilst also indicating her seal of approval, therefore this encourages the 1950s target audience to purchase the product. Also the use of semantic codes such as the hearts above the product also portray this as it indicates the loving relationship with the brand.


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