Timeline: The Making of the Modern World- Germany 1918-39

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Timeline: The Making of the Modern World- Germany 1918-39


-          Hitler went to Munich, a city in Bavaria to study art


-          11th November- Matthias Erzberger, representing the new German government, signed the armistice for the end of World War 1

-          December return of the German army to Berlin


-         6th January- 100,000 communists demonstrated in Berlin and took over key buildings such as newspaper offices (inspired by the Spartacus League)

-         9th January- German Worker’s Party (DAP) founded by Anton Drexler

-          15th January- Most influential communist leaders, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibknecht arrested and killed

-          February- Six moderate social democrats formed a council of People’s representatives and organized the election for the National Assembly to create a new constitution (Weimar Republic)

-          March- Freikorps numbered up to 250,000

-          28th June- The German Delegation signed the Treaty of Versailles

-          August- National Assembly drew up new constitution –WEIMAR REPUBLIC

-          Hugo Hasse (one of Ebert’s council of People’s representatives) murdered

-          October- Share prices in the Wall Street stock exchange in New York began to fall

-          24th October- Black Thursday


-          The Kapp Putsch


-          Reparations eventually fixed for the Treaty of Versailles by the Allies

-          Hitler created the Sturmabteilung (SA)

-          August- Matthias Erzberger (moderate politician) was shot and killed walking in the Black Forest


-          June- Walther Rathenau (Weimar Foreign minister) machine gunned to death in the streets of Berlin


-          Germany could no longer pay the reparations to the allies for the treaty of Versailles

-          Prices of goods in Germany reached spectacular heights [loaf of bread in 1919 cost 1 mark, now costs 100,000 million marks]

-          Hitler selected trusted members of the SA and formed his own bodyguard- the Strosstrupp (Shock Troop)

-          September- Gustav Stresemann was appointed new chancellor

-          November- Stresemann eradicated the mark currency and issued a new one called the Rentenmark [lead to a period of stability]

-          November- The Munich Putsch

-          8th November- meeting of 3000 officials of the Bavarian government in a beer hall- Burgerbrau


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