There are 4 types of tissue:
1) Epithleal
2) Connective
3) Muscle
4) Nervous

Epithleal - consists of sheets of cells which protect the external and internal surfaces and line the inside of hollow structures. They are subject to wear and tear so they reproduce very actively.

Types of epithleal:
1) Simple
2) Compound

Simple - only have one layer of cell over a basement membrane. They are fragile and are found in areas inside the body which are protected, e.g. lining of the heart, blood vessels, etc...

There are 4 different types of simple:
1) Squamous
2) Cuboidal
3) Columnar
4) Ciliated

Compound - main function is to protect the underlying structures. 
There are 2 types:
1) Stratified - skin, hair, nails, mouth, eyes, oesophagus.
2) Transitional - bladder and ureters.

Connective - it connects tissues and organs by binding together various parts of the body. It helps to give protection and support. There are many types of connective tissue:
1) Areolar
2) Adipose
3) White Fibrous
4) Yellow Elastic
5) Lymphoid
6) Blood
7) Bone 
8) Cartilage

Areolar - this tissue gives elasticity and is found…


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