Topic 3 - Critical Criminolgies

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Traditional Marxism

Society is dividede into the capitalist ruling-class and the working class.

Marxism is a structuralist theory; society superstructure is controlled by its economic base.

Criminogenic capitalism:

  • Crime is inevitable because capitalism is criminogenic - its very nature causes crime.
  • Capitalsim is based on the exploitatuion of the working class therefore:
  • Crime is the only way to survive.
  • Crime is the only way in obtaining consumer goods promoted by capitalism.
  • Alineation may cause frustration and anger, leading to non-utilitarian crimes.

[Evaluation: MARXISM is too deterministic of working class - not all poor people commit crime.]

Marxists see law making and enforcement as a way of serving the intrests of the capitalsit class.

Chambliss (1975) - laws to protect private property are at the basis of any capitalist economy.

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