Unit 1 content

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The unit content and what you need to revise is:

Human growth and development

Factors affecting human growth and development

Effects of relationships on personal growth and development

The effect of life events on personal development

The exam will be 1hour and 15 minutes

The exam paper will consist of 15 multiple choice questions


a series of questions based on case studies and short senarios


Try to revise for at least 15 minutes a day.

Focus on one topic at a time

Create your own revision cards using this site

Learn how to address the the exam questions

A break down of what you need to revise:

The life stages

Physical growth & development, including fine and gross motor skills.

Physical factors such as: genetic inheritance, illness, disease, diet, exercise, alcohol & smoking.

How genetic and environmental factors can affect an individuals pattern of growth and development.

How factors such as pollution, noise, housing conditions and rural /urban lifestyles affect human


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