Carol Ann Duffy has taken a different perspective on love. A poem called Valentine would usually have positve connotations, whereas it looks at the darker side of love; comparing it to an onion. We are taken through the stages of a relatonship through the layers of an onion. She begins by saying that love 'promises light' however implies that love takes work. The euphemism 'Moon wrapped in brown paper' is implying that love may seem difficult and consealed but with 'careful **********' you may find the promised 'light'. The verb '**********' implies the intimacy and passion of a relationship. 

After you have taken off the skin of the onion, the truth starts to be revealed. Duffy explains that an onion 'will blind you with tears like a lover' meaning that, now that the first stage is over and the 'light' has been found, it is hard to maintain that passion making 'your reflection a wobbling phot of grief'. This implies that you may love yourself in a relationship seeming to be who you are not and being overwhelemed with 'grief'. The adjective 'wobbling' implies that the relationship is now unsteady and you should become more cautious as the layers to come are removed.

The next stage of love is described as 'possessive and faithful' after the first 'fierce kiss'. The adjective 'fierce' tells us that love is difficult to deny and hard to forget. As described by Duffy, it 'will stay on your lips' meaning that it…


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