Weimar Germany 1919-1933


Weimar Germany 1919-1933

This information can be manipulated to answer most questions' linked to Bullet Point Two of the edexcel course which covers the years 1919-1932.


  • Presidential
    • Replaced the Kaiser- identical power
    • Elected every 7 years
    • Article 48. gave power to rule by decree
  • power
  • Government proposed and implemented laws- accountable to the Reichstag
  • Reichstag
    • elected every 4 years
    • vote on/block/amend laws
    • VOTING BY PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION- 10% of the electoral vote equates to 10% of the seats. CAUSES FRAGMENTATION
  • Reichsrat- reps from regional bodies

Constitutional rights-

  • Equal by law
  • Free speech/ religion
  • Art, science and teaching free
  • Right to form unions
  • Labour under special protection of the federation            Favour socialist/left
  • Workers and employers are equal
  • Welfare state

Strengths of Weimar:

  • Liberal/democratic
  • PR meant every vote counted
  • Strong on maintaining equal balance of power throughout Govt.

Weaknesses of Weimar:

  • Little change between Kaiser and President
  • PR


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