What does the Jewish term "shofar" means?


What role of the oldest musical instrument can be in Jewish culture?

Everyone knows that Jewish culture is the oldest one in the World but can u guess what it is also the motherland of one ancient musical instrument? Its name is Shofar- a special horn what is used for religious purposes of Jews.

How Shofar is made?

The manufacturing technology of Shofar is the same as it was more 1000 years ago: people use the only natural horn of ram, goat and rarely cow, so its length and shape can be absolutely different.

In some communities, this horn is heated with steam to give it desired shape, but in others, on the contrary, it is forbidden to have any influence on it with something as it must be absolutely natural.

The tip of the Shofar is cut or drilled because a musician uses it for extracting sound.



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