What i need to revise: Physics B7


Observing the sky:

  • what a sidreal day is
  • what a solar day is
  • the movement of the sun and the moon
  • basic information on stars

Eclipses and the moon:

  • the phases of the moon
  • what an eclipse is
  • when they happen
  • about eclipses
  • difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse

Co-ordinates in astronomy:

  • how stars are measured
  • how you measure the positions of stars
  • how planets move


  • what refraction is
  • difference between lenses (converging lens)
  • prisms

Converging Lens:

  • what converging lenses do
  • drawing ray diagrams
  • difference between sources


  • how telescopes work
  • magnification equation
  • concave mirrors

Diffraction and Telescopes:

  • what diffraction is
  • how to detect faint sources
  • what aperture size is
  • spectrums

Astronomical differences and brightnesses:

  • how you can measure the distance of stars
  • what observed intensity means
  • what a cepheid…


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