What were the consequences of the Berlin Blockade?

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Stalin feared that a recovering Germany could fight back against communist rule and if it did then the West would help.

In 1946, Britain, France and the USA combined their 3 zones, which in 1949 became known as West Germany. In 1948, they reformed the currency and within months there were signs that Germany was recovering.

Stalin felt that the USA's way of handeling Germany was provocative and although he could do nothing about the union or the new currency, he felt that he could stamp his authority in Berlin because that was well within the Soviet Zone despite that it too was split into zones.

In June 1948, Stalin blocked all roads, railways and canals into West Berlin. These were essential to the survival of the people so Stalin felt that if the West could not get in, West Berlin would become dependent on Soviet resources therefore be under his power.

It was a clever plan. The West could not push through the blockade as this could…




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