Womens Rights 1900


Women couldnt vote in national elections:

-They were under the illusiion that the big wide world was mens business women were for the home 

-Many believed women werent very rational and therefor couldnt make bif decisions 

-Many believed men ahd to be householders to gate the vote and only rich women owned houses so it was deemed odd to give them the vote

-if only rich women got the vote they would most likely vote conservative the liberals didnt like this idea

Suffragists moderate protestors for the vote 

-Also known as National union of womens suffrage society

-founded in 1897 by a leader called Millicent Fawcet

-Main tactics included persuasion meetings and petitions to parliament

Sufragettes more direct in their approach to gain the Vote 

-Formal name Womens social and political union 


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