words used about God


words used about God

common words

  • people use words all time to pass on info & ideas
  • believers say God cannot be limited by words so how can believer speak about God without giving wrong idea?
  • most common way is to use common images & ideas that are based on human experience & life
  • when used most believer accept there's an underlying message; God in some ways is like this but not exactly this.  
  • common words; he, Father & King


  • many question whether right to use masculine word about God
  • in many early societies God was masculine as the man was the strong protector & provider
  • however also many societies whose major God was described in female terms, esp. as the mother fertility goddess.  
  • dominant western religions now have come through religions that focused on God as Father, particularly from Judaism.
  • In Hinduism each of main male gods has female goddess as consort so seen as pair rather than separate gods
  • most religions addressed God as 'he' for so long that most believers automatically think of God as male, not realising it's limiting God. 
  • people find it easier to deal with idea of God that they can relate to & fact that they've been supported in holy books(eg. Christian Bible) & have been passed down ages reaffirms most peoples view of God as male
  • most people would say it'd be wrong to refer to God as 'it' as it implies soemthing that cannot


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