WW1 - from germany's perspective

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  • at the outbreak of war all political parties vote for a truce (Burgfrieden)
  • Kaiser - i no longer see parties i only see Germans
  • food production fell by 25% - becoming known for Ersatz goods such as Turnip winter
  • Hindenburg plan for total war ~ men 17-60 have to help out for the war effort BUT failed to mobilise vast numbers of men - because there weren't any
    • compensate for Germany's lack of resources
    • Stein to assume economic mobilisation
    • Groener to have war office under overseas economic mobilisation
    • FAILED to resolove Beaurocratic chaos - unable to close down 'non' essential businesses
  • many small businesses went out of business taken over by larger businesses - m/c and w/c become incresingly angry at rich making profit out of war
  • 1918 national debt has risen enormously 250 billion marks - only paying 16% of it. Government prints money and Inflation is the result
  • alliance of the majority of socialists ~ centre ~ progressives by Erzberger creating majority in


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