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2. What is the simile that is used to describe Neptune when he calms the storm?

  • Someone who is know for being wise calming an angry mob
  • A shepherd calming his flock
  • An old man with his family
  • A calming figure that contradicts the chaos of the storm

3. What does Dido pray for as she toasts the Trojans

  • That they will leave swiftly
  • That they will be happy
  • That they will always stay
  • That Aeneas will marry her

4. What is Dido's reaction when she sees Aeneas?

  • Annoyed
  • Amazed
  • Love-struck
  • Indifferent

5. Why does Venus send Cupid In Ascanius' place to the palace?

  • So he can sit of Dido's knee and make her fall in love with Aeneas
  • So he can poison Dido's drink so she falls in love with Aeneas
  • So he can learn all the secrets about Cathage that can be used against the city
  • As a reward for being so good at his job


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