AQA Chemistry C3 Quiz - Corrected

A quiz covering the whole of C3 Chemistry, most of the questions are from the syllabus

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What is the Modern Periodic table arranged in?
Atomic number
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Who is named "the father of the periodic table"?
Dmitri Mendeleev
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The properties of the Transition Metals are due to...
the way the 3rd electron shell fills up
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What did Arrhenius say about Acids and Alkalis?
They release H+ ions in water and Alkalis release OH- ions
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Why was this not accepted?
subatomic particles had not yet been discovered
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What did Lowry and Bronsted say about Acids and Alkalis?
They are proton donors and acceptors
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What Indicator can be used to find the pH of a reaction between a WEAK acid and a STRONG alkali?
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Titrations are used to find the...
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To increase solubility in GASES...
decrease temperature, increase pressure
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What is SCALE?
Calcium carbonate deposit formed when calcium hydrogen carbonate is boiled
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How do you remove temporary hard water?
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What is NOT used in water treatment?
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In an exothermic reaction...
overall energy change is negative
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In an endothermic reaction...
the energy needed break the bonds is GREATER than the energy needed to form bonds
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What is the activation energy of a reaction?
the energy needed to start the reaction
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What colour does Barium produce in a Flame test?
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What would you see when silver nitrate and dilute nitric acid is aded to bromide?
a white precipitate
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What happens bromine water when it is in the presence of a saturated organic compound?
Stays the same colour (Orange)
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What is the test and result for Copper (II)?
Add NaOH - blue precipitate
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What is Mass Spectroscopy used for?
detecting elements and compounds
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What type of Chromatography is used to separate compounds according to the size of molcules?
Gel permeation
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Who is named "the father of the periodic table"?


Dmitri Mendeleev

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The properties of the Transition Metals are due to...


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What did Arrhenius say about Acids and Alkalis?


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Why was this not accepted?


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