AQA GCSE Biology Unit 3

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Movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane (high concentration to low)
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Tissue Fluid
Water with oxygen and glucose dissolved in it
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Active Transport
The movement of molecules across a cell membrane into a region of higher concentration, uses enzymes and energy
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Tiny air sacs in the lungs where exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place
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Small fingerlike projections on the walls of the small intestine
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Anaerobic Respiration
Glucose -> Lactic acis + energy
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Aerobic Respiration
Glucose + oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + water + energy
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Conversion of carbohydrates into alcohols or acids under anaerobic conditions
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Red pigment in red blood cells that help transport oxygen
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Maintenance of constant osmotic pressure in the body by controlling the salt and water concentrations
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Nutrient Medium
Solid or liquid used for the growth, isolation, identification or storage of microorganisms
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Body's oxygen deficiency resulting from strenuous exercise
Oxygen Debt
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Production of living organisms from other living organisms
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Lactic Acid
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CO(NH2)2 occurs in urine and other bodily fluids as a product of protein metabolism
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Number of breaths a living being takes over a period of time
Respiratory Rate
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Passage of water from soil to roots of a plant, through the vascular system and to the atmosphere
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A functional unit of the kidneys
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The top part of the body
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Movement of air into and out of the lungs
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Transport food in both directions within a plant
Pholem Tubes
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Draw up water and minerals into the plant
Xylem Tubes
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Carry the blood away from the heart
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Involved in the exchange of materials at tissues
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Carry the blood to the heart
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Forms in the lungs and separates in body tissues to release oxygen
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Help the blood to clot
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Carries everything in the blood
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Used before a blood transfusion, safe as long as there are no air bubbles, blood substitute
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Keeps arteries open, lower risk of coronary heart disease
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Maintenance of a constant internal environment
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Removes urea from the blood and controls levels of ions and water in the blood
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Good for replaceing lost sugar, water and ions
Sports Drinks
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Machine outside of the body that replaces the kidneys, process takes 3 -4 hours, 3 times a week
Dialysis Machine
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Only cure for kidney disease, for it to work the tissue type must closely match and the patient must go on immune system repressors
Kidney Transplant
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Used to lower the blood glucose level
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Used to raise the blood glucose level
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Condition where the pancrease produces little/no insulin, can be fatal if not treated
Type 1 Diabetes
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Natural process by which the atmosphere traps some of the Sun's energy, warming the Earth enough to support life
Greenhouse Effect
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Caused by increasing levels of CO2 and methane, linked to the greenhouse effect
Global Warming
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Leads to more mthane and CO2 in the atmosphere, not enough CO2 being absorbed by plants and less biodiversity
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The variety of life in a particular area
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Carbon neutral, made using microorganisms, generally created through fermentation
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When designing one cost, convenience, efficiency and location must be considered
Biogas Generator
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Can be improved by reducing the number of stages in the food chain, restricting the energy lost by farm animals and by developing new food sources
Efficiency of food production
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The distance food has traveled, this is expensive and bad for the environment
Food miles
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The limit on the number and sizes of fishes that can be caught in certain areas
Fishing Quota
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The different limits of the mesh size on a fishing net, to reduce the number of unwanted fish/species caught and allow younger ones to reach breeding age
Net Size
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