Atonement key quotes - part three

something was coming
to an end - foreshadows
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Briony knew she had already
accumulated a string of errors - is on about in nursing, but ironic as a string of errors back at home
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lapses and failures could carelessly
accure over several days - briony
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if you had not read the signs the
wrath would come down as a shock
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army three-
ton lorries - repition of the word 'three'
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the war against germs
never ceased - metaphorical, war against lies
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she was ginger haired and
freckled, which made Briony automatically wary - reminds her of Lola
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she had no identify beyond
her badge - Briony in hospital, ironic as would have been the same for Robbie in prison
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it seemed theatrical
to Briony - ironic as she wrote a melodramatic
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wasn't allowed to tell her where
he had been - Jack Tallis, shows more secrets within the family
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simple accounts of her day which increasingly
shaded off into fantasy - Briony, ironic as always goes back to fantasy
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she was under no obligation to
the truth - links back to unreliable narrator
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she was really an important
writer is disguise - Briony, delusion
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it was though, perception,
sensations that interested her - Briony, psychotic
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now she was beginning to think that
silence was Cecilia's answer - Briony
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she had been too wrapped up
in her tiny concerns - Briony
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church of the
Holy Trinity - lola and paul marshall getting married
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she was
unforgivable - briony
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on her third
attempt - briony trying to call her father, repition of three
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but now she understood how the war
might compound her crime - about cecilia and robbie
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there was a cruel touch to her
humor that Briony liked - about Fiona
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but now the three were busy
and ignored her - about the nurses but links to family
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take her hand, and in silently squeezing
it, forgive her - briony about Robbie, wants forgiveness from him
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the protruding part was
obliquely triangular - soliders womb, motif of triangle
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did a girl love him before?
could she continue to? - about a solider, Briony thinks looks matter most, immaturity
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that a person is, among all else, a
material thing, easily torn, not easily mended
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the sodden crumbs of
Amo bars - Paul Marshall cannot be escaped
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I'm sure they retain a childlike desire to be told a story,
to be held in suspense, to know what happens - readers have to be childish, like briony
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a narrative split between
three different points of view - just like the novel Atonement itself
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was heavily
vailed - Lola at her wedding, marriage is entrapping her
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poor vain and
vulnerable Lola
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saved herself from humiliation by falling in love,
or persuading herself she had - Lola
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to marry
her ****** - Briony confesses it was Paul Marshall
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lola's white
shape - metaphorically died after marrying Paul Marshall
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like a boy's pyjamas, which
heightened the sense of confinement - Cecilia's wallpaper
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their shared proffesion was
not going to be a bond - Cecilia and Briony
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couldn't it also be
the wars - trying to blame the war as well on Robbie's aging
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growing up
- Briony, he realisation that it wasn't Robbie
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she and her sister and
Robbie had only one subject - the **** of Lola
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but a new draft, an atonement
and she was ready to begin - foreshadows next part of novel, as explains her atonement
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Briony knew she had already


accumulated a string of errors - is on about in nursing, but ironic as a string of errors back at home

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lapses and failures could carelessly


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if you had not read the signs the


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army three-


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