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How many times bigger is Australia than the UK, and how much smaller is the population?
32 times, 3 times
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How is the difficulty of travel across Australia shown in 1897
New Zealand competed against Eastern states instead of Western states being involved.
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What is the name of the vast distance of Australia?
Tyranny of distance
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What are the four main areas of Australia?
Low sandy areas, Moutains, deserts, scrubland
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What is being proposed to be built in Australia in the desert?
A desert institute of sport
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What activities are available in Queensland due to tropical conditions?
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What areas in the UK and AUS provide natural beauty and what is the difference?
National Parks- More diversity and altitude in AUS.
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What government system does AUS use?
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What happened in 1992 that increased the importance of PE in AUS?
Federal government investigation into falling sport and physical activity led to them introducing the ASC into taking part in policy making.
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Why have British politicians started putting more money into sport?
They realise more money can be made from success in the Olympics and there is vote catching potential
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What sporting moment led Australia into commercialisation in 1977
Kerry Packer, World Series cricket
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What moment triggered commercialism in the UK?
1990 Broadcasting act, auctioning off sport matches.
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Give an example of how commercialisation may harm promotion of BAHL?
KFC sponsoring Big Bash
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Give another reason?
People want to sit at home watching games instead of participating
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How has history influenced commercialisation in AUS, UK and USA
Tradition of sport leaves people interested in sport
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How has Geogrpahy influenced commercialisation in AUS, UK and USA
Urban cities that are densly populated can support large amounts of support and the fact that there is established transport means there are more supporters at games
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How has commercialisation been influenced by socio economic factors in AUS and USA?
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How have socio-economic factors influenced commercialism in the USA, UK and AUS?
Affluent societies have provision of many different media outlets, and the capital is there to build stadiums that attract naming rights.
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What is the correct term given to the aborigines and were they treated fairly by British settlers?
Indigenous people and no, the settlers took their terratories and possesions
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In what year did Australia commit to multi-culturalism, making aborigines equal and what did this mean?
1971, many policies that made them lower in society were abolished
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What is the name of the programme run by the ASC that targets aboriginies and what does it do?
Indigenous Sport Programme- Teaches aboriginies to run community programmes and makes sure elite aboriginal athletes have equal opportunities to everyone else.
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What is the name of the initiative set up by the ASC that tackles disabilities?
Disability sport Programme- coaches and teaches can access session plans which are altered for people with disabilities. They also make sure there are equal opportunities for disabled athletes at elite level
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Is the Disability Sport programme successful, if so, why?
Yes, because the have taken part in every single paralympics and have a total medal tally of over 1000 medals
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What has the ASC set up to tackle womens participation rates and what do they do?
A unit called the Women and sport unit, which works with SEPEP to make mixed PE classes so that
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Critically evaluate whether it has been a success or not.
Yes, 16000 scholorships and grants, but still low participation rates even though there are more women that men in AUS
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What event and in what period enhanced the social melting pot?
Gold rush in C19
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What is the name that Australia was known by in C19 due to its egalitarian state?
Land of the fair go
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Was AUS egalitarian?
No, multiculturalism was not officiall brought in until 1970
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Are the UK and AUS both striving to get rid of discrimination?
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What is UK sport doing to tackle equality?
It has a 3 year strategy which is aimed at improving Sport equality and diversity. It aims to give equal provision to all minority groups, and has session plans to suit minority hroup needs.
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Have UK sport concentrated on the Paralympics at all?
Yes, they have recieved £300 million in funding towards the Olympics, of which some will be use to get Britain to 2nd place in the Paralympics medal table.
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How have political factors affected BAHLS in AUS
Government puts large funding in sport at all levels for votes
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How have social factors affected BAHLS?
Social melting pot and egalitarianism has been taken into sport.
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How has geography influenced BAHL's in AUS?
Plains, Mountains, Urban areas and coasts allow for wide ranges of sports
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How has the economy and commercialism affected BAHLS in AUS
Capitalism has led to sport as a commodity, this means that role models are created through the media
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How has tradition affected BAHLS in AUS?
Tradition of Sport has been continued since Colonialisation, currency and stirling matches, Bush culture shown through sport
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What types of activities are most popular in Australia (Victoria)?
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What is the name of the scheme that organised a games for 6000 people to promote healthy eating and physical activity?
Go for Life
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What report took place in 1992?
Monigetti Report
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What is the name of the policy in AUS which promotes sport for all?
Active Australia
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How much PE time does SEPEP state must occur?
100 Mins per week
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What does the 'Sport Education' part of SEPEP do?
Focuses on how to teach games in order to promote mass participation
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What is the 'Physical Education' part of SEPEP?
Shows teachers how to teach basic motor skills in order to promote lifelong participation
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What is PASE?
Physical and Sport Education
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What does PASE do?
Teaches Non-specialist PE teachers how to teach PE
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What other strand is part of PASE?
Exemplar schools- Schools with excellent PE departments send their teachers (funded by the gov.) to proffessional development sessions, where they share ideas.
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How many schools have been awarded the Exemplar schools award?
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What is the Fundamental schools Programme?
Teaching fundamental motor skills to Primary school children
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What are the sports leader programmes?
Older pupils becoming involved in coaching, officiating and administrating alongside teachers, maybe leading to a career in sports development
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What is the state award scheme?
Pupils can either be awarded the state blue award for fair play and sportsmansip in lessons, or they can be given the De Coubertin award for good non-playing roles. The awards reflect Olypmic spirit
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What is the Sport Linkage scheme?
Where schools and clubs share facilities and coaches. Talented pupils are pushed for participation in clubs.
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What is the Sports person in schools project?
Where an athlete from the VIS as part of their ACE is paid to come into schools and teach some PE lessons. The school must state how this will integrate with their SEPEP
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What is sports search?
A computer programme where students find sports that suite them
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What are the Teacher games?
Games organised between teachers from different schools, promotes participation and teachers as role models
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What are the Pacific games
3000 able bodied and disabled children competing every 4 years in Melbourne, gives something to aspire for in PE lessons.
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What area is Victoria made up of (Geography)?
Plains, Australian Alps, Forests, coast
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Why is Outdoor Education so important in AUS?
Good climate and geography, bush culture, associated with BAHL, percieved important in education, aesthetically pleasing, promoting nationalism, survival skills.
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How many people engage in Bush walking per year?
Around 1 million
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From what year do outdoor school camps start?
Year 4
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What activities can be done for YDP?
D of E, First aid, Army cadets, surf life saving, fire service etc.
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What is the correct name for outdoor activities?
Outward Bound
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How long may students stay at and outdoor education centre for?
A term
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Who administors PESSYP?
Sport England/Wales etc.
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Whys might AUS have better intra schools sport than UK?
It is an integral part of SEPEP
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Why might AUS be better prepared for national games?
UK only has a competitive school games, no Pacific games equivalent
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In the UK, what are the 9 strands of the Physical education and school sports ofr young people.
Sports colleges, school sports partnerships, club links, professional development, gifted and talented, sporting playgrounds, swimming, step into sport (leadership), PESS (stragtegied for improving PE)
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Why did PESSCLS change to PESSYP in 2008?
To increase the age range to 18 year olds
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Why was the ASC set up?
After Olympic failure in 1976
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What are the functions of the ASC?
Improve mass participation, run the AIS, increase fair play ethics, inhance Australia
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What is the aim of More active Australia?
To increase sporting club membership
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What was the name of the programme that adapted sport for young people, and what is it called now?
Aussie sport, now called The junior sport programme
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What is the scheme all about?
They have adapted games into 30 different organised sports that are more suited to kids. Taken up in every single primary school. Coaching courses available. Run by ASC
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How many other countries have used AUS adpated sports model?
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What is the school sport network?
An agency designed to help teachers in sport increase mass participation and increase provision
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What is the Adapted After School Communities Programme?
After school free sport aimed at non fit people
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What is the local sporting champions programme?
Grants given to people or clubs by the ASC
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What is the Bluearth programme?
Medical and movement experts helping teachers to promote BAHLS
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What is tanking
Where Aussie rules teams perform badly to finish last and get first draft pick
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