Bayonet Charge Quotes

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'Suddenly he awoke and was running'
(Language) (Adverb) (In Media Res) Represents the confusion the soldiers had and the panic
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'h sound'
(Structure) Represents panting
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'dazzled with rifle fire'
(Language) (Verb) Makes it seem as though the soldier is overwhelmed
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'smacking the belly out of the air'
(Language) (Violent Imagery) Shows the bullets are aggressive
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'numb as a smashed arm'
(Language) (Simile) Shows the soldier has a disconnection with the weapon. Makes the gun seem like a burden and that he has no intention to use it
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(Structure) Breaks up the sentences to represent breathing/ panic. Represents the constant change the soldier goes through. His thought are constantly interrupted and he never has chance to finish thoughts or actions
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'cold clockwork of stars and nations'
(Language) (Alliteration) Represents how the soldiers are just playing a small role in a massive thing
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'like a man who has jumped up in the dark'
(Language) (Similie) Shows how ignorant the soldier is to military tactics
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'Yellow hare that rolled like a flame'
(Language) (Innocent Imagery) The hare could be a metaphor for the soldier. Neither of them have any reason to be there and they are powerless. They are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a fight they have no part in. Even nature is dest
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'King, honour, human dignity, etcetera'
(Language) Mocks the original patriotism the soldier once had
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'Dropped like luxuries'
(Language) Indicates carelessness and suggest those things are useless now if he wants to survive
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'h sound'


(Structure) Represents panting

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'dazzled with rifle fire'


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'smacking the belly out of the air'


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'numb as a smashed arm'


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