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how to calculate BMI
weight (kg) / height (m)
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how to calculate waist-to-hip-ratio
waist circumference / hip circumference
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what are the unhealthy waist-to-hip ratios for men and women?
above 1 for men & above 0.85 for women
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what is cholesterol?
a fatty substance that the body needs to make things like cell membranes
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what are arteries?
blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
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what happens if there is too much cholesterol in the blood?
it can cause fatty deposits to build up in arteries, restricting blood flow
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where do deposits occur?
in areas where the artery wall has been damaged
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what can the fatty deposits also cause?
they can trigger blood clots to form, which can block blood flow completely.
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why are lifestyle changes suggested first?
because they don't have many downsides
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what do statins do for CVD?
they reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. this slows down the rate at which fatty deposits form- reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
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what do anticoagulants (eg Warfarin) do for CVD?
they are drugs which make blood clots less likely to form. however, this can cause excessive bleeding if the person is hurt in an accident
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what do antihypertensives do for CVD?
they reduce blood pressure. this helps to prevent damage to blood vessels and so reduces the risk of fatty deposits forming.
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what are stents and what do they do?
they are tubes that are inserted inside arteries. they keep them open, making sure blood can pass through to the heart muscles, lowering the risk of a heart attack
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what happens in coronary bypass surgery?
if a part of a blood vessel is blocked, a piece of healthy vessel taken from elsewhere can be used to bypass the blocked section
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a heart can be replaced with a donor heart, what are the disadvantages?
it doesn't always start pumping properly and drugs have to be taken to stop the body rejecting it- these drugs can have negative side effects.
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give an example why BMI isn't always reliable
athletes have lots of muscle, which weighs more than fat, so they can come out with a high MBI even though they're not overweight
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how to calculate waist-to-hip-ratio


waist circumference / hip circumference

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what are the unhealthy waist-to-hip ratios for men and women?


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what is cholesterol?


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