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what was britain like before 1930
ex soldiers pensions were cut people often went to the cinema jazz music had been intriduced by 1928 all women over the age of 21 had been given the vote however the economy was struggling and thewre was 2million unemployed
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what happened in 1931
the great depression
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what happened in 1936
the jarrow march
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what happened on september 3rd 1939
outbreak of world ware two
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what was introduced in january 1940 and lasted 13 years
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when was dunkirk
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what years were the blitz
september 1940- may1941
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when was the battle of britain
july 1940
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what happened in 1942 that became the foundation for the welfare state
the beveridge report
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what years were britain bombed by V1s and V2s
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when was the D-day landings
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what was established in 1948 that gave free medical care to everyone
the National Heathelth Service (the NHS)
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what caused the great depression
there was a sudden slump in the American stock market and many lost faith init so they sold all there shares therefor decreasing the value of the shares so firms went out of business and millions lost there jobs people couldnt (go to next card)
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answer for previous card on reverse side
purchase goods from british factories so the factories closed so even more people lost there jobs and by 1930 there was 205million people unemployed in britain
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what were 3 problems that the government faced in 1931
britain imported more than it sold, people were selling there pounds for gold, rising unemployement meant less people payed taxes and the government had to pay more benefits
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list three government measures that were a response to the great depression
civil servents pay was cut by 10% teachers by 15%, unemployement benefit was cut by 20%, means test meant many werent able to qualify for the dole, britain abandoned the gold standard which made british exports cheaper and they were able to increase
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rest of answer to previous card on back of this one
the amount of money in circulation, the special areas act which gave £2million to special areas (such as wales) to atract industry
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was everyone doing badly during the great depression and give a reason for your answer
no as prices fell there was more money for luxuries for those with jobs, family sizes fell so there was more money to spend, car ownership increased, there was a 1,200% increase in homes with electricity, people had better diets
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what was introduced in 1934 that enabled children to have betterdiets so they'd be fitter stronger and healthier
free school milk
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what was the name of the of the shipyard in tyneside that had closed
palmers shipyard
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where did the people who went on the jarrow crusade come from
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how many people went on the jarrow crusade
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what percentage of people in Tyneside were unemployed
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what did the jarrow march carry
a petition
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how many signature did the petition have
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what does Blitzkreig mean
lightning war
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what happened on the 3rd of september 1939
Britain and France declared war on Germany
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what is meant by the phoney war
a period of time where nothing happened at the start of world war 2
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how many people were rescued in Dunkirk
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what is the magnot line
a massive line of fortifications along the Franco-German border (the french thought it was impenitrable but germany just went around it)
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what is the BEF
British Expeditionary Force (the British army)
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what is the vichy government
the government of france that the Nazis set in place during there occupation
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what is operation yellow
the invasion of western europe
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what happened in 1931


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what happened in 1936


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what happened on september 3rd 1939


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what was introduced in january 1940 and lasted 13 years


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