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functional structure
organised into different departments according to the functions
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matrix structure
hierarchal and functional combined, flexible
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span control
number of subordinates responsible to a manager can be wide many subs or narrow few subs
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chain of command
the line of communication in a business
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tall organisation
organisation that has many levels of hierarchy with a narrow span of control
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flat organisation
a hierarchy with few levels between staff and executives, wide spans of control
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features of tall organisation
promotional opportunities, less delegation, many layers, tighter control over employees, detail may be lost reporting through the many levels, takes longer for decisions to be made
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features of flat structure
wide span of control, quicker decision process, less layers of hierarch, vertical communication improved, less overhead costs
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advantages of delegation
motivation, flexibility, management time, staff development
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limitations of delegation
quality staff, customers expectations
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centralisation advantages
lower overheads, consistency, quick decisions, efficient use of resources
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centralisation disadvantages
long decision process, inflexible, inappropriate decisions at local level, mamger at local branch may know customers better but have little input
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matrix structure


hierarchal and functional combined, flexible

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span control


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chain of command


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tall organisation


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