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informal communications
unofficial messages not formall approved by the business.
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a tangible item which can be bought and sold
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confined to one area
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formal communications
official messsages sent by an organisation
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public sector
funded by citizens and/or the government
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private sector
owned by an individual and companies
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travelling within one nation
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between countries
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steps to recruitment
1. identify vacancy 2. make job description 3. develop recruitment plan 4. select search comitee 5. advertise 6. review applicants and make short list 7. interview 8. select and hire 9. finalize recruitment
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full time contract
a contract for a standard agreed number of hours
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a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
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horizontal communications
messages sent between staff on the same level of the organisation hierachy
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vertical communications
messages sent between staff belonging to different levels of the organisation hierachy
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external communications
takes place between the business and outside individuals or organisations
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internal communication
happens within the business
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the reciever
the person receiving the information
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the sender
the person delivering the message
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the 4 P's
- profit - place - promotion - product
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market research
used to identify what the customers need and want. this is done by examining the opinons and buying behaviour of different market segments.
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finance and accounts
- paying wages and salaries - setting budgets - obtaining capital and resources - preparing accounts
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charities or non-profit organisations that exist in order to benefit the public or specific groups within society
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a business concerned with the provision of services
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an activity that is intangible, is not stored and does not result in ownership
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a business concerned with agriculture and the extraction of raw materials
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house style
a company's preferred manner of presentation and layout of written material. ensures consistency and enhances the brand image of the company.
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notes taken to describe the events of the meeting and who attended.
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part- time contract
a contract for a proportion of the full-time hours
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scondary research
analysing information from existing material
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confrmation that the message has been recieved
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main methods of communication
- video - written - verbal - visual
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human resources
- working conditions - remuneration - training, development and promotion - health and safety - employee organisations union - recruiment, reention and dismissal
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permanent contract
a continous, indefinite cantract of employment
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a business concerned with manafacture of goods
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large business
a business that operates with a large amount of employees and a hgher volume of sales
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primary research
involves collectng and analysing original information found specially for a purpose. the opinions of customers are gained directly.
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supply and demand
supply- the amount of a product businsses are prepared to sell at different prices -demand- the amount of a product the customers are prepared to buy at different prices
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a divided up unit of the value of a company
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sole trader
a business which is ully owned by one person who has complete control over how the firm is run
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money coming into the business from sales
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a specific target for a business to meet which helps them to achieve their overall aim.
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mission statement
a short phrase that sums up what a business believes in and what it wants to achieve
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market share
the proportion of total sales that one firm accounts for in the market
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the increse in size of a business' sales of profit
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the priciples and values that influence how a business is run
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making the best use of resurces
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the amount of money flowing into a business from selling, and flowing out to buy materials/ pay bills
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break even
this is when the total costs are equal to the revenue from its sales
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a broad statement of what a business would like to achieve over a longer period of time.
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contract of employment
a legal document sating the hours, rates of pay, duties and other conditions under which a person is employed
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this is treating one prson differently from another without having good reason to do so
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time worked in addition to one's normal working hours
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profit sharing
a system in which the people who work for a company recieve a direct share of the profit
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job rotation
the practise of moving employees between different tasks to promote experience and variety
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piece work
payment for each item produced
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team working
working as part of a group
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verbal praise
telling someone they are doing a good job
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the process of keeping employees informed about workplace issues
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variable costs
costs that change depending on output
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fixed costs
costs that don't change depending on output
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a perso or group of people who have an interest in ho the business performs
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internal stakeholders
stakeholder which are members of the company or organisation
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businesses that provide the raw materials or stock to a business
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raw materials
the items or component parts of a business needs to make the product it sells
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when a franchisor sells the rights to its products to a franchisee in return for a fee and a percentage of turnover
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external growth
when a business gets bigger buy joining or buying other businesses
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internal growth
when a business gets bigger by selling more of its products
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the rate at which prices are increasing
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the money paid to banks for borrowed money or the money paid by banks for saving with them
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when two or more companies work independantly to secure the business of customers by offering the products at the most favourabl price
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