Business 3.3- effective financial management

a short quiz for the business exam on 30/06/12.

good luck on wednesday!

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1. what is the correct definition for 'cash flow'?

  • the flow of cash
  • the flow of cash into and out of a business
  • when a business puts money in
  • when a buisiness takes money out
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2. which one of the following would improve a businesses cash inflow?

  • delaying paying invoices to suppliers
  • add more stock
  • increase sales revenues
  • lease rather than buy

3. profit = what?

  • Revenue - costs
  • number of products sold x average price
  • number of sales - number of workers
  • Costs + revenue

4. Which one of the following would lead to an increase in profit for a business?

  • a fall in costs with a rise in revenues
  • A fall in costs with a larger fall in revenues
  • an increase in costs and a fall in revenues
  • An increase in costs with a smaller increase in revenues

5. Break even level of output = total fixed costs divided by sales revenue per item take away variable cost per item

  • True
  • False




A useful if short set of questions based on the GCSE questions. Very useful for testing knowledge and highlighting areas for further revision.

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