what gases did volcanoes released in the early atmosphere?
78% nitrogen, little oxygen, 0.04 carbon dioxide, 1% of argon, watervapor and other gases
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how did oceans form?
earth cooled down and water vapor condensed into oceasn and seas
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how did sedimentary rock form?
dead organism (calcium carbonate) sunk to the bottom of the ocean and layers and layers formed and high pressure caused it to squash and form sedimentary rock.
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how did igneous rock form?
hot fresh magma (molten rock) which extrusive cooled down outside quicker and formed small crystals (granite), intrusive which cooled down slowly inside which caused big crystal (basalt)
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how was metamorphic formed?
high heat from magma + high pressure from sedimentary = metamorphic rock
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limestone is also know as?
calcium carbonate ( solid)
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if there was a limestone query and you lived near by it, tell me the advantage and disadvantage?
+ its brings money to the economic + more buildings - causes pollution -noisy and dusty
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acids are pH ? - ?
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alkali are PH ?-?
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ph is 7 is.....? and what coloure?
neutral/ green
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acid + base =
salt + water
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3 main acids are?
hydrochloric acid + nitirc acid+ sulfuric acid
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hcl + sodiuml hydroxide=
sodium chloride (salt) + water (H20)
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indigestion tablet turns....?
excess acid into water
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metal ore is?
extracting metals
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oxidation and reduction is?
gaining oxygen and losing oxygen
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what metals do we use to electrolysis reactive metals?
potassium + sodium + calcium + magnesium + aluminum
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we an reduce less reactive metals by
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what are the fraction that crude oil can split into to?
bitumen + fuel oil + diesel + kerosene + naphtha + petrol + gases
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shorter the molecule the more.....?
flammable it is
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complete combustion is when?
plenty of oxygen is present
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incomplete combustion is when?
there is not enough oxygen to pass round
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sulfur dioxide cause?
acid rain which kills trees and limestone buildings
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co2 cause?
global warming which is a green house affect
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pros and cons of recycling?
pros: its reserves natural beauty + don't cause pollution cons: it takes up land fill sites + takes up energy
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alkane molecules are?
ethane, propane, butane
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alkenes molecules are?
ethene, propene, butene
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cracking is use because?
less useful long chained hydro carbon can be used into more useful gasses
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polymerization is....?
is when lots of monomers are produced into plastics
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what is catalyst?
is a snipping which cuts the carbon bond
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how did oceans form?


earth cooled down and water vapor condensed into oceasn and seas

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how did sedimentary rock form?


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how did igneous rock form?


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how was metamorphic formed?


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