Caesar's First Invasion to Britain- Motivations

55 BC
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Caesar was...?
The governor of Gaul.
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Why invade...?
Caesar said the Britons were helping rebellious Gaul.
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But, he couldn't...?
Find a lot out about Britain- Gallic traders knew nothing. Were the British really helping Gaul?
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Caesar left who unsubdued...?
The Gaulish Morini tribe. Why would he leave them unsubdued if he was invading Britain to subdue Gaul?
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Caesar had to...?
Keep up with Pompey and Crassus- the two other members of the triumvirate.
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He needed...?
A Triumph of his own, to rival those of Pompey and Crassus.
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Britain seemed...?
Like an attractive option for getting a Triumph. It was across the ocean- unknown.
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For a Roman governor to leave his province...?
There must have been a serious threat to Rome.
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So, Caesar presents...?
The Britons as barbaric and scary, and emphasises how the campaign was last minute.
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He had to be...?
Accurate- too many veterans present- could contradict him.
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Presents himself as...?
The hero.
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According to Caesar the problems that occur...?
Are never his fault- the storm smashed his fleet, Volusenus failed him.
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Caesar was...?


The governor of Gaul.

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Why invade...?


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But, he couldn't...?


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Caesar left who unsubdued...?


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