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Which organelles contain DNA?
Nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplasts
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SER structure
No ribosomes, non-uniformed
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SER function
Synthesises lipids and steroids
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RER structure
Uniformed, covered in ribosomes
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RER function
Protein synthesis: RNA is transported to ribosomes.
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Chloroplasts: Stacks of ________ (fluid-filled disks)?
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Stacks of ________ are known as...?
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Chlorophyll is found...?
...On the membranes of thylakoids.
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Mitochondria structure
Double membrane; inner membrane folds inwards to form cristae; space between cristae is matrix.
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Mitochondria function
Respiration occurs in matrix and inner membrane. ATP is produced. Ribosomes and DNA are present so that mitochondria can be reproduced.
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Single membrane containing catabolic enzymes that are released into the cell if it is damaged.
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Functions of golgi body
Produces secretory enzymes packed into secretory vesicles; secretes carbohydrates; produces glycoprotein; transports and stores lipids; forms lysosomes.
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Structure of the nucleus
Nuclear envelope (double membrane) with nuclear pores; nucleolus; nucleoplasm (containing chromatin).
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Functions of the nucleolus
Synthesises ribosomal RNA for ribosome production.
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Which organism are centrioles found in?
Animals, NOT plants.
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SER structure


No ribosomes, non-uniformed

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SER function


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