Christianity Practices

what is Liturgical worship?
a church service which follows a set structure
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what does non liturgical worship mean?
a church service which does not follow a set text or structure.
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Group of religious people who worship together
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Informal worship?
Free flowing surfaces ( not always held in a a church) Lots of music and dancing/ clapping
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what groups of Christians take part in Informal worship?
Evangelical, Quakers (silence as it connects them to god)
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Private worship?
Worshipping alone or saying grace/ reading a bible passage
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whats prayer?
It is how Christians communicate with God (the lords payer)
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what is the acronym used to remember the four components found in prayers?
Adoration, confection, thanksgiving and supplication (asking for something)
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The lords prayer?
"Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come. your will be done as it is in heaven. Give us your daily bread, forgive us for are sins as we forgive those who sin against us ........."
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what are the sacraments?
Baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, marriage, confession and holy ordination.
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what does baptism do?
cleanses the original sin
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what happens at the Eucharist?
bread and wine is given. represents the blood and the body of Christ
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Why do Catholics and orthodox think the Eucharist is more important then other sacraments?
They believe that is an important way to connect to god as they believe Jesus is mystically in it
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whats a pilgrimage?
A journey that has religious or spiritual significance
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the waters a thought be have healing powers.
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why is Christmas important?
It is the day baby Jesus was born. The main reason for the day is to spread the love and peace
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Why is Easter the most important celebrations for Christians?
It was the day of Jesus resurrection.
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palm Sunday?
Jesus enter Jerusalem on a donkey
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maundy Thursday?
The last supper was hosted
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Good Friday
The day of Jesus crucifixion
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quote that backs up treating people nicely?
"love your neighbour as yourself"
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what does the church do to help the local community?
run youth groups, provide support for people, many Christians volunteer at local charities and they run food banks
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What do the salvation army do?
They set up food kitchens, organise toy collections at Christmas and offer advice for work. The represent the vulnerable in society
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Gods thoughts on helping people Quote?
"if anyone has material possessions and ignores his brother in need, how can he love God?"
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helping to make the community a better place (Christian aid)
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preaching and actions to convert someone to Christianity( Jesus told his disciples to do this)
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spreading Gods word to convert people to Christians (tear fund)
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Christians believe in peace ( Quote?)
"blessed are the peacemakers"
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Quakers are??
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to re join in friendship ending conflict
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An example of reconciliation?
archbishop tutu who tried to bring back together black and white people
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Eucharist Quote?
"this is my body and this is my blood"
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What are the sacraments?
confirmation, baptism, Eucharist, confession, healing and becoming priest.
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Forgiveness biblical story?
Jesus tells peter to always forgive those who have wronged them. (the servant who had no mercy)
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pray in private Quote
"close the door and pray to your father, who cant be seen"
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what does non liturgical worship mean?


a church service which does not follow a set text or structure.

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Informal worship?


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what groups of Christians take part in Informal worship?


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