Context of poems

Context of the manhunt
Simon Armitage, 2008 The Not Dead, affects ex soldiers
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Context of sonnet 43
Elizabeth Browning, 1850, future husband
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Context of London
William Blake, 1794, About questioned church
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Context of the solider
Rupert Brooke, 1914, WW1
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Context of she walks in beauty
Lord Byron, 1814, Affairs
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Context of Living Space
Imitiaz Dharker, 1997 Postcards from God, Mumbai housing
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Context of as imperceptibly as grief
Emily Dickinson,Death and nature
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Context of Cozy Apologia
Rita Dove, 2004 American Smooth, American Poet-laureate
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Context of Valentine
Carol Ann Duffy, 1993 collection, Uk poet laureate
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Context of A wife In London
Thomas Hardy, 1899, Against war
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Context of Death Of a Naturalist
Seamus Heaney, 1966, childhood
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Context of Hawk Roosting
Ted Hughes,1960
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Context of To Autumn
John Keats, Romantic Poet, Tuberculosis
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Context of Afternoons
Philip Larkin, 1964, ordinary life
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Context of Dulce et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen, 1920, War
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Context of Ozymandias
Percy Shelley, 1817, romantic explorer
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Context of Mametz Wood
Owen Sheers, 2005, WW1
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Context of The Prelude
William Wordsworth, 1850, Autobiography
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Context of sonnet 43


Elizabeth Browning, 1850, future husband

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Context of London


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Context of the solider


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Context of she walks in beauty


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