Crime and Punishment Key Words

Capital Crime
A crime punishable by death. Number greatly increaced in the Bloody Code which was abolished in 1969
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Capital Punishment
The death penalty usually by hanging. Burning at the staik for heresy
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Corpral Punishment
Punishment that inflicts pain and usually carried out in public. Whipping and Flogging used in the early modern period.
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Bloody Code
The time period when more crimes where capital. The death penalty was given for a large range of crimes
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Criminal Code
A more formal name for the bloody code when it was reformed in 1820
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The move form manual labour to machined goods. Growth of factories in towns and cities and a grater use of machines in agriculture. Caused riots as people where loosing there jobs.
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The growth of towns and cities due to development in factories. People moved to cities to find work so houses where build quickly resulting in cramped dirty conditions and an increace in crime.
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Arias in industrial cities where crime was common
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Criminal Class
People who lived in rooleries and classified into over 100 types of criminal
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The end of something. E.g. abolition of capital punishment means no more capital punishment
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Dark Figure
The amount of crime that has not been reported. over time it has reduced as technology has improved
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Group of night watchmen that where established in the reign of king Charles 2.
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Tudor Period
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Industrial Period
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Modern Period
1900 onwards
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Forensic Science
The use of forensic evidence when specialists use evidence at the scene
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A punishment to make people afraid to commit the crime
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A punishment that makes the criminal suffer for there crime
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When soldures leave the army. This caused a high amount of vagrency in the Early Modern Period
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Someone who has strict Protestant Beliefs. England had a protestant ruler after the civil war (1649-1660)
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Someone who commits heresy. going againsed the church
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Going againsed the government or monarchy
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Someone wo disturbes other people by being homeless
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Capital Punishment


The death penalty usually by hanging. Burning at the staik for heresy

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Bloody Code


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