Crime and Deviance Key Words

Corporate Crime
Also known as white collar or middle class crime. Generally materialistic. Includes imbezzlement, tex evasion etc.
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Any act which is against the law.
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Failure to do what law or society needs
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An act which may be against the norm, but is NOT illegal
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Deviancy Amplification
The idea that small acts can lead to more serious ones through labelling
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Gross Domestic Product
The value of a country's services or goods
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Folk Devil
A person demonised by society or the media for being deviant
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Deviant Career
When someone's main identity in life becomes their deviance
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Hegemonic Masculinity
A cultural sterotype of masculinity
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Where some people are cast out to the edges of society
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Master Status
The status which defines people (happens through labelling)
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Moral Entrepenuer
Someone who seeks to influence the normas of society
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Moral Panic
The intensity of feeling about certain issues in society
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Moral Regulation
Things which influence society's feeling about ethical issues e.g. drugs and alcohol
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Primary Deviance
Society does not label them for their deviant act
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Secondary Deviance
Society labels them for deviant act and they may take on this status
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Situational Deviance
Deviant becuase of a certain culture, may be normal somewhere else
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Social Control
Control over people's actions through policing and law
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Social Exclusion
When some groups are marginalised from mainstream society becuase of characteristics
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Social Integration
Fitting in with society
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Societal Deviance
Things which 'common sensed' people may consider to be deviant
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Status Frustration
The idea that working class delinquency is a response to a society set up for the middle class. Cohen.
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A statement which is always true
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Techniques of nuetralisation
The temporary nuetralisation of feelings such as guilt or morality which happens when people commit deviant acts.
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The study of those who become victims
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White Collar Crime
That which often goes without punishment, and is generally utilatarian.
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A status which is attatched to someone becuase of something they have done or certain characteristics
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Social Construction of crime
The idea that something is only a crime if society deems it to be
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Street crime
Crime such as mugging or vandalism
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Downes and Rock
Suggest ambiguity is a key feature in crime, as people are often unsure of what they are doing
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Theorist on Societal deviance and situational deviance
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Situational deviance factors
The Time, The society/culture, The Social Group, The place
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theorised on 'newsworthiness of crimes'.
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Jewkes' Values of news
Threshold, Proximity, Predictability, Individualism, Simplification, Risk, Spectacle, Celebrity, Children, Sex, Violence, Conservatism
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Theorised that all media exaggerates and distorts crime.
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Any act which is against the law.

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Deviancy Amplification


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