Democracy and Political Participation

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1. Give examples of two initiatives in the world

  • North Korea Missile initiative 2013, Ban on abortions in South Dakota USA
  • Banning gay marriages in California USA 2008, Switzerland 2009 Minaret ban
  • EU initiative 2016 in UK, Sweden Minaret Ban 2009
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2. How has political participation in the UK been declining?

  • Turnout at elections has been falling, pressure group membership has increased
  • Turnout at elections has been falling, Party membership has been declining, increase in Partisan Dealignment
  • Only immigrants have been voting in elections as British citizens have voter apathy

3. What is an initiative?

  • When a government has a majority of votes
  • Where the people themselves can call a referendum by collecting a number of signatures on a petition
  • Where the government poses an important political question to the people

4. Give examples of traditional political participation

  • Becoming active in a pressure group, Voting in elections, Becoming an active party member
  • Voting in elections, Becoming an active party member, Joining a political party
  • Joining a pressure group, Taking part in e-petitions

5. What is Parliamentary Democracy?

  • parliament is sovereign, even over EU law (2016 pre- brexit)
  • Parliament has democracy
  • Where an elected parliament is the source of all political authority and where government is largely drawn from parliament
  • Parliament is the head of state


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