English Language: Language and Occupation

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Legal lexis example, medical lexis example
Legal: Pro bono (voluntary work). Medical: Perinatal (around the time of birth).
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Restricts non-experts from accessing its meaning
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How is jargon useful?
Excludes others therefore prevents secrets becoming known e.g. doctors may not want to tell patients certain things
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Doctor's slang examples?
TEETH: Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy. GFPO: Good For Parts Only. Handbag positive: confused patient clutching handbag (e.g. old lady)
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Swales (2011)
Discourse community: has shared goals, uses specialised lexis, possess the level of knowledge required
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Koester (2004)
Phatic talk (social talk) is required within discourse communities to establish interpersonal relationships to get things done
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Drews and Heritage (1993)
People within a discourse community will build up inferential frameworks that implicitly govern how they should communicate and behave, and hierarchies of power (people’s relative power levels which then govern the way communication occurs)
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What defines the relative power of a participant in an occupation context? (4)
Hierarchy, Status, Role and Authority
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What is occupation convergence?
Changing lang to be closer to others e.g. teachers talking to students converge for students to understand what is being taught.
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What is occupational divergence?
The opposite, moving further away from the other speakers lang use.
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Restricts non-experts from accessing its meaning

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How is jargon useful?


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Doctor's slang examples?


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Swales (2011)


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