English Unseen Prose 1880-1910 Context

A period of decline or deterioriation characterised by excessive indulgence
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Decadant Movement
Literary movement characterised by self digust, scepticism and a belief in the superiority of human creativity
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Natural selection - man distint from animal
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Eugenics movement
Improve the quality of humankind through carefully controlled selective breeding
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Boer War
Lasting from 1899-1902 - dutch colonists and the british competed for control over territory in south africa
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Scramble for Africa
Britan and France, along with other european countries, fight over power in Africa
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Fear of Invasion
GB had the biggest navial force but feared invasion from France due to new technologies that threated the power of the empire
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Aliens Act 1905
First law to define grouds of migrants as undesirable
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Fear of the end of the world
Anxiety around disease and industrialation and pollution and immigration caused a lot of apocalyptic literature
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Influence of Gothic literature
Inspiration from gothic novels such as gloomy atmospher, mysticism, degeneration and irratiality
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Many victorian people believed that society was coming to a end of brillance
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Fin de siecle
Arists and authors attempted to abandon old techniques and discover new ones
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Focus on beauty - Art for Art's sake
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Wilde's trial
1895 - charged with gross indecency
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Focus on Duality of man
Gothic fiction examined the sinister alter ego - Jeykll and Hyde - Jack the ripper
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Biological criminolgy
Violent tendencies were a result of biology and genetics
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Different roles in society
Men, Women and different classes should have different roles within society
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Blue stocking women
Women with too much enthusian for intellectula goals
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The New Woman
A middle class woman who dressed practically, lived apart from her family and supported herselff
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A man who is too concerned with his dress and appearence
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A greek word for uterus - a unquely female mental disease
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The rest cure
Women given medication and not allowed to work or see peopl
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Indian rebellion 1857
Indian rebellion against the english - wanted to rule without british interference
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Edwardian Era
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While a major instituion with the rise of scepticism and darwinism it was being undermined
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A movement in the arts that emphasized inspiration, subjectivity the primacy of the individual
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Bigger cities grew to accomidate factories - rapid population influc
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New Imperialism
Historians' term for the late ninteenth and early twentieth century wave of european powers, the Us and japan - exploitation of the newly concquered territories
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New Journalism
A type of writing in which the journalist presents factula information in a form usualyl used in fiction
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His teachings began to become popular in this time
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Attributes acctions and thoughts to the unconscious motives and conflicts
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The study of sexuality
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Post colonial theory
An appraoch that examines the ways in which the colonial past shaped the social and poltical and economic experiences of a colonised country
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High and low culture
Art for thte elite and educated vs mass produced cultural products available for everyone
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Deserving poor
widows, orphans and disabled people were worthy of the care of the community
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New science
Emphasis on experimentation and tangible proof
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Literary naturalism
literary rebels who important scientific determinism into literature, viewing people as part of the animal world, prey to natural forces - reaction to realism
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a movement where authors and painters show life as it is rather than who it should be
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Pop culture
facinated by exotic, imperial terror and fears of invasion
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Extreme chauvinistic patriotism
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uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman
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opposite of degeneration
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White man's burden
idea that many europeans had in which they believed they had a duty to spread their religion to those that were less civilised
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dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy
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conveged meaning by the use of powerful yet ambiguous symbols
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Decadant Movement


Literary movement characterised by self digust, scepticism and a belief in the superiority of human creativity

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Eugenics movement


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Boer War


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