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Tout d'abord
First of all
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D'une part...d'autre part
On one hand...On the other hand
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Par contre
On the contrary
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Bien que
Although that (subjunctive trigger)
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Pour que
In order that (subjunctive trigger)
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Pourvu que
Provided that (subjunctive trigger)
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Il est donc question de
It is therefore a question of
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Il parait donc evident que
It appears, therefore, clear that
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Quant a
As for...
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Au... niveau
At a ....level
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Il faut se rappeler que
It is necessary to remember that
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Il est certain que
It is certain that
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L'important, c'est
The important thing is
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Il ne faut pas oublier que
You must not forget that
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En conclusion
In conclusion
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Tout bien considere
All things considered
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En fin de compte
At the end of the day
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Ce que je dis, en fair, c'est
What I'm saying, in fact, is...
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En+ present participle
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Si l'on considere
If you consider
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Apres avoir
After having
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Je viens de +inf.
I have just....
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Il vaut mieux
It is better to
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Suppose que
Supposing that
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Card 2


On one hand...On the other hand


D'une part...d'autre part

Card 3


On the contrary


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Card 4


Although that (subjunctive trigger)


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Card 5


In order that (subjunctive trigger)


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