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A marriage terminated by the church because it was not valid.
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civil partnership
Legal recognition of a same-sex relationship with a registry office ceremony.
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A bond between a couple
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A special action which brings Christians closer to god.
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sacred promises a couple make at their marriage.
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What did St Paul say about women?
That they should obey their husbands because god had created them that way.
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Why do some christians believe women do have importance?
Because the risen Christ chose to reveal himself to women first on easter morning so it was clear that he held women in high regard.
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What is marriage seen as by many?
A sacrament and part of God's plan for humanity. Through marriage a couple can enjoy a loving relationship with each other that enables God to channel his love for them.
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What do Christians believe the purpose of marriage is?
Help and support each other in good and bad times, enjoy a sexual relationship, have children and bring them up in a christian family.
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Why does marriage take place in a church?
So promises are made in front of God.
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Why do couples say their vows in the presence of God?
To show that the ceremony is of sacred importance.
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An individual organism or cell produced asexually from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical.
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genetic engineering
THe deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.
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How many abortions per year in the Uk? How many are under 16?
200,000 abortions, 4,000 under 16 years old.
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What circumstances would a RC accept an abortion?
If it is the unintended but forseeable result of an action, i.e 'doctrine of double effect'. For example a necessary operation when there is an ectopic pregnancy.
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What is euthanasia sometimes referred to as?
A good or gentle death.
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Who set up a suicide helpline in 1953?
Rev. Chad Varah after conducting the funeral of a 13 year old girl who cad killed herself.
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Different Christian denominations working together.
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Someone who donates money, goods, services or time to help a cause which benefits society.
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What is Traidcraft?
A christian organisation which aims to bring aboout fair trade practices by supplying fair trade products to the UK.
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How do some christians view natural disasters?
As punishments for not being faithful to god, or the Devil trying to destroy peoples faith.
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Give an example of how christians used their wealth?
in the 1800's in Edinborough the Nelsons built 4 libraries for working men and contributed towards the royal infirmary.
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What is Christian Action on POverty?
An ecumenical group set up to address issues of poverty in the UK. In the past they've encouraged people to live on minimum wage during lent.
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When are jobs considered immoral?
When they hurt or exploit others, for example ***********, usury, gambling etc...
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conscientious objector
Someone who refuses to fight in a war on the basis of their conscience.
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the belief that force can only be met with equal force.
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Seeking a way to repay a wrong by getting recompense.
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What is the Just War Theory?
The belief that a war should be fought for a just cause, there must be controlled violence, it can be fought if greater evil would exist without the war, it must be in control of politicians, must be proportional, only military involved also.
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Who believed that prisoners should be treated fairly in the 18th century?
A quaker called Elizabeth Fry.
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The christian ceremony commemorating the last supper in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed.
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Trying to convert people from their religion to yours.
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sincere regret or remorse from one's actions.
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restoring friendly relations
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What is a Christian view on evangelism?
They believe it is their duty to encourage everyone to become members of their faith.
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What is Taize?
Founded by Roger Schutz in 1940 - a religious community of monks that sheltered jewish refugees escaping the nazi's. It is a place of pilgrimage worldwide as an ecumenical community.
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What is the central act of forgiveness and reconciliation for many christians.
The sacrament of the eucharist as christians believe that God sent Jesus to be sacrificed on the cross in order to reconcile God with humanity.
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The symbolic expression of a deeper meaning through a story or scene acted out by a human, animal or mythical characters.
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Give an example of useful uses of the media.
Band Aid's 'Do they know its christmas' led to a concert called Live Aid in 1985, and comic relief in 2005.
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How are Christians portrayed in the media?
Ned Flanders is seen as effeminate and weak, and are not represented in the best light.
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Why was Harry Potter rejected by many christians?
They promoted witchcraft, which is believed to be the work of the devil.
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Legal recognition of a same-sex relationship with a registry office ceremony.

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