Eukaryotic Cells And Organelles

What is a prokaryotic cell?
Single celled organism, simple, small, e.g bacteria
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What is a eukaryotic cell?
Complex, include animal and plant cells
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What does a plant cell have that an animal doesn't?
Cell wall and plasmodesmata , vacuole, chloroplasts
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Description of plasma membrane
Made of lipids and protein
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Function of plasma membrane
Regulates movement of substances in/out of cell. It also has receptor molecules
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Description of cell wall
Rigid structure that surrounds plant cells. Made of cellulose.
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Function of cell wall
Supports plant cells
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Description of lysosome
Round organelle surrounded by a membrane, no clear internal structure
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Function of lysosome
Contains digestive enzymes which can be used to digest invading cells or break down cells
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Description of ribosome
Small, floats in cytoplasm or is attached to RER. Made up of proteins and RNA
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Function of ribosome
The site where proteins are made
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Description of RER
System of membranes enclosing a fluid filled space, covered with ribosomes
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Function of RER
Folds and processes proteins that have bee made at the ribosomes
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Description of SER
Similar to RER, without ribosomes
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Function of SER
Synthesises and processes lipids
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Description of Vesicle
Small fluid filled sac surrounded by a membrane
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Function of vesicle
Transports substances in/out of cell and between organelles
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Description of golgi
Fluid filled membrane bound flattened sacs
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Function of golgi
Processes and packages new lipids and proteins. Makes lysosomes
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Description of mitochondria
Double membrane, inner one is folded to form cristae. Inside is matrix which contains enzymes involved in respiration
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Function of mitochondria
Site of aerobic respiration where ATP is produced
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Description of chloroplast
Small flattened structure surrounded by double membrane and has thylakoid membranes. These can be stacked up to form Grana. They are linked together by lamellae.
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Function of chloroplast
Where photosynthesis takes place
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Description of centriole
Small, hollow cylinders made of micro-tubules
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Function of centriole
Separation of chromosomes during cell division
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Description of cilia
Small hair-like structures
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Function of cilia
Microtubules allow cilia to move
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Description of flagellum
Like cilia but longer
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Function of flagellum
The microtubules contract to make the flagellum move
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What is a eukaryotic cell?


Complex, include animal and plant cells

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What does a plant cell have that an animal doesn't?


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Description of plasma membrane


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Function of plasma membrane


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