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A measure of the number of species on the planet.
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The total loss of a species.
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A group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring under natural conditions.
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Biodiversity is important because?
Provides resources,useful chemicals, and many plants could have undiscovered medicinal properties or disease resistant genes.
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The fossil record shows...
Most species are now extinct.
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Which are the most biologically diverse habitats? What is happening to them?
Tropical rain forests and coral reefs are the most biologically diverse habitats, but are being removed at an alarming rate.
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Evolutionary history shows...
Biodiversity has gone through several bottlenecks called mass extinctions, followed by radiations of new species.
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Why is it a biodiversity crisis?
The economic value of biodiversity is lost or threatened, ecological services are lost or threatened, and ecosystems are more vulnerable for further degradation.
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The process by which new species are formed from pre-existing species over a period of time.
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Adaptive Radiation
A species evolve from an ancestral species and have adapted to their environment via natural selection.
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Mass extinction of the dinosaurs - Climate change.
Climate did just change and lead to extinction.
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Mass extinction of the dinosaurs - Asteroid.
An asteroid hit and dust rose, blocking out the sun, dropping the temperature, leading to extinction.
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The grouping of organisms based on their evolutionary relationships.
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The science of naming and grouping organisms to study the diversity of living things.
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Species Conservation
The planned preservation of wildlife.
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The preserved dead remains of plants and animals.
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The total loss of a species.

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Biodiversity is important because?


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The fossil record shows...


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