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2. Brown adipose tissue consists of what?

  • Larger cells which transfer energy to heat
  • Larger cells which produce leptin
  • Smaller cells which transfer energy to heat
  • Smaller cells which produce leptin

3. Alpha-MSH is NOT

  • A steroid hormone
  • Produced from POMC cleavage
  • An MC4 agonist
  • Involved in sexual activity

4. Which of these nuclei is the satiety centre?

  • Ventromedial nucleus
  • Dorsomedial nucleus
  • Paraventricular nucleus
  • Arcuate nucleus

5. Ghrelin does NOT cause the following

  • Decreased neuropeptide Y production
  • Decreased POMC production
  • Increased agouti-related peptide production
  • Stimulation of the arcuate nucleus


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