Flight to Varennes and Champ de Mars Massacre


1. Why did a crowd gather at the Champs de Mars?

  • To sign a petition arguing against the King's reinstatement.
  • To sign a petition demanding Marie Antoinette be crowned Queen.
  • To protest against the National Assembly.
  • To witness the execution of Louis.
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2. Why was the Champs de Mars chosen for the gathering?

  • It was the site of a memorial of the fall of the Bastille.
  • It was where the Estates General had met.
  • It was the site of a memorial of the Tennis Court Oath.
  • It was usual meeting place of the Jacobin Club.

3. How many people were killed in the Champs De Mars Massacre?

  • 50
  • None, but hundreds were injured.
  • 1000
  • 4

4. Prior to the Massacre, what did the National Assembly pretend had happened to the King?

  • That he had been kidnapped.
  • That he has been killed.
  • That he had gone missing.
  • That he had killed two members of the National Assembly.

5. Who did the National Guard open fire on in the Champs de Mars meeting?

  • The peasants and serfs in the crowd.
  • The peaceful and unarmed crowd.
  • The anarchists in the crowd.
  • The crowd who had begun setting fire to buildings.


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