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the outer layer of the earth
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a section of the earths crust
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the dense solid layer between the outer core and the crust
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plate margin
the boundarie where two plates meet
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convection currents
the circular currents of heat in the mantle
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the meeting of two plates of continental crust they are both the same type so they meet head on and buckle
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ocean trenches
deep sections of the ocean usually where an oceanic plate is sinking below a continental plate
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sheild volcano
a broad volcano that is mostly made up of lava
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hydroelectric power
the use of flowing water to turn turbines to generate elecricity
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primary effects
the immidiate effects of the eruption
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secondary effects
the after effects of an earthquake
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money,food,training and technology given by medc's to ledc's to encourage long term development
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immidiate response
how people react as the disaster happens
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super volcano
a mega volcano that erupts atleast 1000km of materials
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an opening along a line of weakness that allows magma to escape
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a geothermal feature in which water erupts in to the air under pressure
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a seudden breif of the ground shaking
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richter scale
a scale used to measure earthquakes based on the scientific recordings of the amount of movements
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shock waves
seismic waves generated by an earthquake that pass through an earths crust
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money owed to others, to a bank or to a global orginisation such as the world bank
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to know when and where an event will happen based on current knowledge
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orginising acivities or drills so that people know what to do when an earthquake occures
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the sinking of an oceanic cruust at a destructive margin
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fold mountains
large mountain ranges where rock layers have been crumpled as they have been forced together
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composite volcano
a steep sided volcano that is made up of a variety of materials such as lava and ash
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farming to provide food or other recources for the farmers own family
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artificial watering of land
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long term responses
after math of a earthquake
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the point at which a crust where an earthquake originates
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the point at an earhs surface directly above the focus
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mercalli scale
measuring earthquakes on a scale from 1-12
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the 3 p's
prediction, protection and preparation
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a wave where an entire depth of a sea or ocean is set in a motion by an event e.g an erthquake
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a section of the earths crust



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the dense solid layer between the outer core and the crust


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the boundarie where two plates meet


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the circular currents of heat in the mantle


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