Definition of quality of life
A measure of your happiness
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Definiton of Standard of living
The measure of material wealth
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Name the two types of poverty
income and fuel poverty
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What is income poverty
If your income is less then 60% of the uk average.
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What is fuel poverty
If more than 10% of income is spent on energy bills.
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Benefits of owning your own home
You can have animals, you can decorate your home without needing permission, the house price may increase making more money for the owner if they was to sell the house in the future
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Negatives of owning your own home
The initial cost to find money for a deposit maybe hard to find, the property could decrease meaning the owner would loose money, if anything breaks they have to pay for repairs etc
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Name the types of housing tenures
Owner occupied, private renting, social renting
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What are the average housing prices in Darwin and Crystal Palace
Darwin = £272,200 Crystal Palace= £134,240
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What is the average life expectancy in Darwin and Crystal Palace
Darwin = 80 Crystal Palace= 72
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What is the average % of greenland in Darwin and Crystal Palace
Darwin = 91% Crystal Palace= 36%
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What is the average % of people receiving income support in Darwin and Crystal Palace
Darwin = 3% Crystal Palace= 11%
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Where is Bromley located
Bromely is located in south east London
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Name and locate a rural conflict
Yorkshire Dales, one of the most popular national parks located in North England, in the county of Yorkshire. Furthermore it is East of Windermere North of Leeds
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Name the conflicts in the rural area
Congestion, soil erosion, littering, animal pens left open, pollution
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How can the conflicts in the Yorkshire Dales be reduced?
Park and ride, specific paths for tourist to walk on, encouraging fines for leaving animal pens open and littering, whilst promoting park and ride scemes
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Name and locate a rural to urban migration
zacatecas in the North of Mexico to Los Angeles located in the North of California in the USA
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Why are people migrating from Mexico to the USA
LA has 100% to drinking water whereas in Mexico only 87% have access, average wages in Mexico are $3.49 whereas in the USA they are $6.75
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The impacts on Mexico since the migration
Birth rates are down because the men are moving to the USA and sending money back home to their wives, food shortage as less farming is happening, government are receiving less taxes meaning they can not regenerate much money into improving QOL
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The impacts on the USA since migration from Mexico
Services are becoming over populated, the Americans are loosing out of jobs as the Mexicans are willing to work for less, accommodation costs in the area have increased due to demand
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Definition of sustainability
something that meets the needs of todays society without compromising the needs of the future generations
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Is Bedzed a sustainable solution for london?
The bedding ton zero energy development near Croyden is the largest carbon neutral community in the UK, built on reclaimed land, recycling as much as possible, and using the least energy possible
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How does Bedzed work
No central heating or air conditioning, built on a brownfield site, sedum on roofs to save water, solar panels, waste water is used for the toilet etc
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Using a coastal area you have studied name and locate the area
Hemsby in Norfolk on the Holderness coast line located in the north east of England
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How is the area being effected?
7-10m of land lost a year, 29 villages have been lost in the last 1000years, loss of homes, farmland
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Why is the area eroding so quickly?
the cliffs are made of soft rock which are being broken down by hydraulic action, attrition, abrasion, rain water getting in cracks of the rock weakening it etc
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How is the area being managed?
The rock groynes have stopped beach material being moved south from Mappleton along the coast, gabbions, beach nourishment
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case study: a service that is being provided in an urban area
El Raval is located in the North East coast of Spain, approximately 500km from Spains capital Madrid
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Describe the distribution of services
El raval has a number of service for its growing population living in the area. (28% foreign migrants) who have Islamic backgrounds. so the area offers 10 mosques clustered together as well local halal food stores and shops to suit their culture
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Explain how people are effected by the service
small community, which gives a cheap lifestyle costs, within the community migrants often find people to help them with the language barriers as they are often from countries such as Pakistan, Morroca etc.
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How does QOL differ from El Ravel and S.S Gervasi
On average houses in El Raval cost €300,000, whereas in S.S Gervasi they cost €800,000. Life expectancy in El Ravel is 73, whereas in S.S Gervasi it is 80 years
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Define a involuntary migration
when your forced to move, this could be due to a war in your own country
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Case study: shopping changes in East London
Westfield Stratford is located in the borough of Newham, in East London
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Changes made from the areas regeneration
10,000 new permanent jobs + plus the employment from building works, new transport links, cleaned canals, 1 millions visitors a week, new paving, road improvements, decreased rate of crime
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Paramount park case study location
Swanscombe, Kent, England. Set to be built by 2020.
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